ROLL Models - 02.02.2020
ROLL Models
Skateistan and Women Win are exited to be teaming up to launch the first round of the ROLL Models program, supporting female leadership in skateboarding and inspiring the next generation of girls to be empowered, active and healthy. The Roll Models program is designed to support and create visibility for diverse womxn leaders within skateboarding and to fund the projects they´ve designed - so that the next generation of gilrs can build confidence, community and life skills on and off their skateboards. We´re currently seeking applications from young womxn (ages 18-30) who have an idea for a project that will use skateboarding to improve the physical and mental well-being of gilrs (age 5-18) and promote gender equity. The ROLL Model program will be supported through Skateistan´s Goodpush Alliance and is a unique opportunity for womxn with a passion for skateboarding in Germany, Greece and the Netherlands to connect with and support each check: